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Are you looking for a better and more efficient way to find the best possible employees for your organisation? Pre-employment testing can help you identify the best candidates quickly and accurately, allowing you to make informed and confident hiring decisions.

Understanding Pre-Employment Screening Tests

Pre-employment screening tests provide employers with insight into a prospective employee’s potential for the job. By assessing a variety of competencies and skills, pre-employment tests give recruiters an objective measure on which to base their recruiting decisions. Popular forms of pre-employment testing include cognitive testing, personality testing, and aptitude testing.

The goal of pre-employment screening is to assess the potential of applicants as early in the recruitment process as possible, increasing the power of your decision-making as well as saving time and costs.

Video showing how psychometric tests help with volume recruitment

The results of the screening tests can be used to filter job applicants, work out who to interview and more. Reports can be integrated into the interview process and used to guide the structure and questions.

Assessment results are generally used in combination with other factors, such as interviews, references and resumes, to make educated hiring decisions. Pre-employment tests offer an objective way for employers to identify successful candidates that demonstrate the right potential for the role and the organisation.


Using Psychometric Testing to Hire the Best Employees

Psychometric testing is a type of pre-employment testing used to measure an individual’s psychological traits, such as personality, reasoning ability, problem-solving skills, self-awareness, and others.

By using psychometric testing to recruit new employees, you can make well-informed decisions that rely on objective, research-backed data - increasing the likelihood that you pick the right person for the job.

Psychometric tests are designed to assess the individual's competencies and likely fit for a job. The type of tests used will vary depending on what kind of role you’re recruiting for, but common examples include cognitive ability tests and personality questionnaires. These tests give recruiters an in-depth understanding of a candidate’s particular strengths and weaknesses, which helps to ensure that top talent is hired. The results can also immediately be applied to help onboard, develop and manage the employee, to maximise the chance of success in the role.

Computer screen showing a user doing a psychometric assessment during a job interview

Establishing a Baseline for Job Performance and Potential

One key advantage of using psychometric testing to recruit new employees is the ability to establish a baseline for job performance and potential. By understanding an individual's cognitive or behavioural qualities you can use this information to evaluate how suited they are for a given role, as well as their capacity for growth and development.

Psychometric tests used for employment testing provide accurate, reliable and valid insights into the candidate’s behaviour and thought processes. As such, it can be a powerful tool for employers to gauge the potential for success within a role. Apart from measuring cognitive aptitude and behavioural traits, psychometric tests also measure knowledge related to job responsibilities, along with cultural fit and team compatibility. By helping identify suitable candidates during the recruiting process, these tests help save time, money and resources while selecting the right person for the job.

Leveraging Data to Enhance Your Employment Decisions  

With our pre-employment testing platform, your organisation can leverage data to enhance your recruitment decisions. By identifying specific traits in employees, you will be able to establish a profile of the ideal candidate for each role. This means you are no longer limited by resume details or conventional interview techniques and instead have access to detailed information about potential new employees and the role they may play within your organisation.

Pre-employment testing allows you to gain a better understanding of the performance potential of a candidate. Being able to assess and compare potential employees across multiple areas is invaluable when establishing a new hire’s suitability for the role they are being considered for. This empowers HR and line managers to make fully informed recruitment decisions that can have long-term benefits for staff, the organisation and its bottom line.

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Caitlin Quibell

Caitlin is a Senior Psychologist & Marketing Specialist. Her focus is on research, thought leadership in the areas of Agility, engagement & talent management.


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