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Psychometric Evaluation Tests for Better Talent Recruitment

Increase the effectiveness of your hiring process with Lumenii's psychometric evaluation tests. With these tools, you can quickly identify top talent and make informed decisions about who to recruit for roles within your organisation.

Understand the Basics of Psychometric Testing.

A psychometric test is a type of assessment that measures an individual’s innate characteristics, potential and suitability for a role. Examples of psychometric assessments include intelligence, cognitive ability, and personality traits. These tests are commonly used in the recruitment process to evaluate candidates for different jobs.

Psychometrics involve the use of valid and reliable multiple-choice questionnaires that can help employers accurately judge the personality, intellect, and capabilities of job seekers. With this information, recruiters can quickly filter out unqualified applicants or those who do not possess the right skills for a position.

Psychometric testing can help employers gain insight into a potential employee’s strengths, interests, and overall suitability for a job. For example, a cognitive ability test might measure an individual’s problem-solving talent or analytical abilities, while a personality test could focus on assessing an applicant’s decisiveness or adaptability.

It is important to note that these tests alone will not determine who gets the job—they provide the employer with additional information that can supplement the skills highlighted during interviews and other stages of the recruitment process. Their true benefit is that they provide comprehensive insight into a candidate's natural characteristics that are otherwise hard to gauge in traditional interviews.


Understand Job Requirements.

The first step to leveraging psychometric evaluation tests for talent recruitment is to understand the job requirements and to develop a job-specific profile. Make sure to capture all the important elements, including relevant experience, qualifications, KPIs, competencies, and core values required for the position. This will help you determine which candidates are most suitable for the job and increase your chances of finding top talent.

After job criteria is established, it’s best to use a combination of online psychometric tests that can measure all relevant characteristics and give you an overall view of an individual. This comprehensive approach allows recruiters to make more accurate judgements when choosing the most suitable candidates.

Intelligence Quotient plus Emotional Quotient equals to Success, written on a blackboard

Identify the Competencies Required for a Specific Role.

Psychometric tests are designed to assess a candidate’s potential and identify their natural abilities. This can help recruiters gain objective insight into the personality traits and behaviour required for a specific role, giving you a better understanding of the kind of person who will be successful in it.

Grouping together similar behaviours results in competencies, which can be defined as observable and measurable behaviours, skills and personal attributes that impact on work performance. Examples of competencies include Decisiveness, Adaptability and Social Skills.

Profiling job roles in terms of their required competencies helps you to determine which behaviours are essential to be effective in a role. Competencies are the building blocks of measuring desirable behaviour in a position, and a competency profile is a list of six to eight competencies that are most relevant.

Lumenii’s recruitment methodology transforms the results of our personality psychometric test into potential scores for each competency in a given profile. This method provides hiring managers with simple, business-friendly insights without the need for complex interpretation. Because our competency scoring system is based on years of research, it offers an objective, unbiased way of providing insight into a candidate’s likely behaviour in a role.



Caitlin Quibell

Caitlin is a Senior Psychologist & Marketing Specialist. Her focus is on research, thought leadership in the areas of Agility, engagement & talent management.


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