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Why It’s Important to Hire the Right Talent for Your Organisation

To grow a successful business, finding and hiring the right talent is crucial. This guide will provide tips and strategies on how to hire the best talent for your organisation.

Understand Your Organisation's Needs.

Before hiring a new team member, assess your organisation’s unique needs and challenges. Create a job profile outlining all the skills and abilities you need from the candidate, to ensure they can best serve your organisation.

Identify Job Requirements and Cultural Fit for the Organisation.

Beyond qualifications and experience, it’s critical to understand the personality traits and attitudes needed for the role. Identify the type of person that would be beneficial for your organisation and ensure that the candidate fits in with your company culture and is excited about your vision, mission, and long-term goals. A great way to operationalise the required behaviours is by building a competency profile that defines the critical competencies for the role.

Human resources manager conducting an interview to select the right candidate

Carefully Analyse Each Prospective Candidate's Potential and Culture Fit During the Recruiting Process.

Ask tough questions and use high-quality objective insights to save your business from costly mistakes. Ensure the candidate is the "right fit" for the job and your organisation, has the specific technical skills, sufficient potential, agility and motivations to stay in the role, perform well and be retained in the long-term.

Dedicate Time to Onboarding.

When you're bringing new talent into your team, getting the onboarding process right is crucial. It's not just about getting them settled, it's about setting them up for success in their role. Effective onboarding is also a great opportunity to showcase your organisation’s culture, goals and employee value proposition. It’s also the ideal time to give them a clear understanding of what's expected of them, introduce them to the team, and provide the tools they need to do their job. When you invest time and effort into getting it right, you're more likely to keep your new hires engaged, motivated, and committed to your organisation.

Various candidates waiting to be interviewed

Invest in Employee Retention & Development Programs.

Invest in employee retention and development programs, including team building activities, coaching, mentoring, 360-degree feedback, training opportunities, and frequent performance feedback. These are essential investments to ensure employees are engaged and motivated to stay with the organisation.

Look for Skills That Will Help You Reach Your Goals.

When hiring staff, it’s important to look beyond just technical skills and consider the qualities that can help the organisation reach its business goals. Think outside of the box, and ask questions like: What unique qualities will this person bring to the role? Are they well-suited to working within our team environment? Could they help drive us in a new direction or handle more responsibility in their current role? How do they engage with change?

Considering your organisation's goals when hiring can help match candidates to roles with more precision.

HR manager taking notes during an HR webinar in South Africa



Caitlin Quibell

Caitlin is a Senior Psychologist & Marketing Specialist. Her focus is on research, thought leadership in the areas of Agility, engagement & talent management.


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