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Organisational Resilience and Succession Planning Webinar

Our latest live panel discussion takes place on 21 July 2022 at 11h00 and is free to attend. Find out more about the topic, the expert speakers and where you can submit your questions for the Q&A.

South African and global research shows that almost all organisations recognise the need to plan for the future and reduce talent risks. However, only a small percentage feel they are addressing succession effectively. It’s clear that succession is high on the agenda but that getting started - and maintaining momentum - is not always easy. 

In our live panel discussion, Lumenii and the panel of experts will share their do’s, don’ts and lessons learnt when rolling out succession. The goal of the webinar is to share practical advice on how prominent South African organisations have recognised the need for and implemented effective, structured succession planning, with a focus on the following themes:

  • How to build a business case for succession

  • How organisations can get succession planning right (or wrong)

  • First-hand experiences of running effective succession programmes

  • The impact of succession on development and performance

  • How to apply succession to build more resilient organisations

Various speakers at a conference

The live panel discussion will be hosted on Zoom; attendees will receive an email after signing up with their personalised link. After the webinar, delegates will receive additional information on how to build more resilient organisations via succession planning, including all webinar resources and a summary of key outcomes.


Learn more About the Expert Speakers

Lumenii Director and Organisational Psychologist, Jaintheran Naidoo, will facilitate the session and share his own experiences with delivering on structured succession planning programmes for local and international organisations. He will be joined by Ashnie Muthusamy from Sun International, Ravi Reddy from the South African National Blood Service, and Linda Roos from ooba

Ashnie Muthusamy is the author of Succession Management and speaker at the Lumenii webinarAshnie Muthusamy is the author of Succession Management: Definite “Do’s” and Detrimental “Don’ts”, a step-by-step guide written especially for the South African workplace. She heads up the Talent, Transformation, and Learning & Development division at Sun International. Prior to joining Sun International in 2011, she gained experience in senior talent roles at Absa and Nedbank. ➡️ Learn more about Ashnie Muthusamy.


Ravi Reddy is the CEO at the South African National Blood Service and a speaker at the organisational resilience and succession planning webinarRavi Reddy is the CEO at the South African National Blood Service (SANBS), a world-leader in the collection and provision of blood and blood products. SANBS has a clear-cut mandate that drives the performance of each and every employee: they are trusted to save lives. This places a lot of responsibility on the shoulders of critical roles and leaders to deliver. Prior to becoming CEO, Ravi was the COO at SANBS for many years. ➡️ Learn more about Ravi Reddy


Linda Roos is the Group Head of Human Capital at ooba, overseeing the HR and Learning & Development divisions.Linda Roos is the Group Head of Human Capital at ooba, overseeing the HR and Learning & Development divisions. ooba is a South African leader in property finance, with a strong corporate culture focused around high performance, personal growth and empowerment. Linda’s experience centres around getting the best from talent within organisations with highly sales and customer-driven environments. ➡️ Learn more about Linda Roos


Jaintheran Naidoo is a Senior Organisational Psychologist speaking at the organisational resilience and succession planning webinarJaintheran Naidoo is a Director at Lumenii as well as a Senior Organisational Psychologist. He has been with Lumenii since 2016, and boasts over 20 years of experience in the talent management consulting space. Jaintheran has delivered on talent and training programmes for private and public South African organisations, as well as for businesses across Africa, Australia and Asia. ➡️ Learn more about Jaintheran Naidoo


Check your Succession Readiness

Delegates are invited to check their Succession Readiness before the discussion to see where they stand. The readiness checklist can be completed online or downloaded as a PDF.


Organisational Resilience and Succession Planning Webinar Recording


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