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Ultimate Guide - Talent Selection & Retention for SMEs

In the Talent Selection and Retention expert seminar, Cindy Norcott and Benjamin Buckingham reflected on the current recruitment landscape and shared their practical experiences with effective talent management in SMEs.


Learning Resources: Talent Selection and Retention Best Practices


Example of Lumenii's competency library

Lumenii's Online Competency Profiling App

Access our full competency library and build competency profiles for roles, functions or levels - at no cost. 

Profiling tool


Hot-air balloons showing outstanding candidate from competency-based interview

Competency-based Interview Template

We've put together a comprehensive competency-based interview guide for a management role, with our measurement guidelines and top interview questions. 


Human resource manager attending a Lumenii talent selection seminar

Key Outcomes from the Seminar

See the top 8 standout themes from the seminar, panel discussion and audience Q&A.



Various HR managers asking questions about talent retention

All the Audience Questions Answered

Find out the frequently asked questions from the seminar and read the answers from the experts.  


Talent selection Q & A's


Read More on Selecting and Retaining Talent


Managers from a small business having a meeting

Small Business Strategies to Select the Best Talent

It’s critical for small businesses to get their talent selection strategy right. Here are some of our best practices to guide the way…

Small business best practice

HR team having an office meeting

Best Practices for Creating a Competency Profile

We’ve put together a guide of best practices when setting out to create a competency job profile.


Best practice




Lumenii Talent Partners

Lumenii's team of expert psychologists regularly collaborate to share their ideas and knowledge. The latest case studies, thought leadership, and research.


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