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SME Talent Selection and Retention Best Practices Seminar

In South Africa and around the world, companies are facing significant challenges in attracting talent, competing for scarce skills, getting people through the door and then holding onto them. Since 2020, the nature of work has changed, and so too, the nature of talent selection and retention. 

At Lumenii, our experience is that, while these challenges may seem clear on the surface, many companies are struggling to articulate and solve them in their unique context. The questions we often get asked are:

  • How can I make my employer brand more attractive to candidates?

  • How can I get people across the line, when it comes to recruitment?

  • How can I ensure I'm making the right decisions, and not wasting my time and money?

  • What can I offer my employees to make them stay?

Lumenii is hosting a free online seminar on 27 October to help organisations start to answer these questions and learn more about the latest best practices for effective talent selection and retention. The seminar is aimed at small to medium businesses and speaks to the realities of companies where time, money and resources may be limited. 

  • Webinar name: Expert Seminar: Talent selection and retention best practices for SMEs

  • Platform: Zoom

  • Date: 27 October

  • Time: 14h00

  • Duration: 1-hour

  • Cost: Free

Save your seat and remember to submit your question to be answered by the panel. All sign-ups will receive access to the webinar recording, slides, Q&A and resources.


About the SME Talent Selection and Retention Webinar

We have the honour of being joined by our keynote speaker, Cindy Norcott; author of the best-selling business book "How to be Unstoppable", CEO, recruitment expert, and winner of multiple awards, including the Most Influential Women in Business & Government. Cindy will open the seminar by sharing her insights and hands-on experience of the current recruitment landscape, the fight to attract the right talent and how to build a culture of retention. 

She will be joined by Lumenii's directors and talent experts. Benjamin Buckingham, entrepreneur and Managing Director, will share advice on how to solve the most common challenges of talent selection in an SME environment. Jaintheran Naidoo, Organisational Psychologist and Director, will facilitate the discussion and the audience Q&A. 

Download our Competency Based Interview Guide

We've put together an awesome free resource that can be immediately used to help improve your recruitment and interviewing process. Lumenii's competency-based interview guide is a comprehensive, step-by-step template, including our research-based competencies, interview questions and scoring technique.

speakers at the talent selection and retention seminar hosted by Lumenii talent management


Meet the Speakers at the SME Talent Selection Seminar

Cindy Norcott - Keynote speaker

Cindy Norscott is a motivational speaker and business coach in South AfricaCindy is the author of the best-selling business book, “How to be Unstoppable”, and has won many awards for her entrepreneurial abilities, including the BWA Regional Achiever of the Year, Sanlam 3 Talk's Business Person of the Year, and the Most Influential Women in Business and Government.

She is a motivational speaker, business coach and the CEO of the award-winning recruitment agencies, Pro Appointments and Pro Talent. Cindy is also the founder and chairperson of the well-known charity, the Robin Hood Foundation.

Benjamin Buckingham - Speaker

Benjamin Buckingham is the Managing Director of Lumenii talent management in South AfricaBenjamin Buckingham is the Managing Director of Lumenii. He founded the business as HFMtalentindex South Africa in 2015 and has spearheaded the growth the organisation over the past seven years, rebranding to Lumenii in April 2022.

Benjamin Buckingham is a life-long entrepreneur with experience in the online technology and talent management fields. He has a special interest in partnering with organisations to revolutionise their talent strategy and translate this into practical business outcomes.

Jaintheran Naidoo - Facilitator

Jaintheran Naidoo is a registered industrial/organisational psychologist.Jaintheran Naidoo is Lumenii's Delivery Director. He is a registered industrial/organisational psychologist with over 20 years of experience in the IO space.

Jaintheran boasts experience in various areas, including both the private and public sectors. His areas of passion lie in helping organisations build agile workforces, develop their people and plan for future success. His work has taken him around world, where he has facilitated talent interventions in countries such as Australia, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Mauritius.



Caitlin Quibell

Caitlin is a Senior Psychologist & Marketing Specialist. Her focus is on research, thought leadership in the areas of Agility, engagement & talent management.


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