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What to expect at the Agile Leadership Unlocked Roundtable Webinar

What to expect at the Agile Leadership Unlocked Roundtable Webinar

Join us on 18 August for insights from dynamic business leaders on change resilience. Find out more about the topic and submit your questions to be answered.

Agile organisations are designed for the demands of the 21st-century; they are built to thrive in dynamic environments and are resilient in the face of change. But how do we build and maintain a culture of Agility? This needs to be driven from the very top by agile leaders.

Agile leadership: a mindset and set of skills that leaders use to actively drive agile behaviours in employees, teams and organisations.

Agile leaders – the next generation of leadership

Agile leadership is characterised by the ability to be adaptable in response to new demands. This means actively anticipating change and being able to update strategies over time as the goal posts shift. Some of the other key behaviours of agile leaders are:

  • Driving a culture of continuous learning, growth, innovation and improvement
  • Creating a safe space for new ideas and experimentation, with the freedom to fail
  • Building an environment with open communication, constructive feedback and collaborative problem solving

The value of Agility in South African organisations

Beyond the theoretical benefits of agile leadership and agile organisations, it’s important to understand how they function in practice. And what better way to do so than to learn from the experiences of business leaders?

In our upcoming CHRO roundtable webinar, an expert panel of South African leaders from five highly dynamic organisations will share their perspectives on the impact of agile leadership and how they have worked to shape an agile culture.

  • Maersk: Kurt de Bique, HR and Learning Manager
  • South African National Blood Service: Ravi Reddy, CEO
  • Honoris United Universities: Dr Jonathan Louw, Group CEO
  • PEP: Pat Smith, Talent Management Manager
  • Lumenii: Jaintheran Naidoo, Director

Lumenii Director and Senior Psychologist Jaintheran Naidoo will open the floor by introducing a model of agile leadership, as well as a discussion of how it can be benchmarked and developed in organisations.

The expert panel will then each share their own unique experiences with Agility: how they define it, how they have worked to implement it in their organisation, how they nurture Agility over time, and the impact on the bottom line. These business leaders will also answer your questions on leadership, culture and building an agile organisation.

Registration for this webinar has now closed.

More about the speakers

Maersk: Kurt de Bique, Senior HR Business Partner, Learning Manager and Coach

Kurt is a collaborative, agile and customer-orientated Senior HR Business Partner with 16 years’ HR experience in multinational organisations. He has worked in the media sector and the Oil and Gas sector, where he spent 11 years fulfilling a wide array of HR roles across Africa for the Oil giant, Chevron Corporation. In 2013, he was selected onto Chevron’s prestige’s International HR development program, where he spent 2 years working in San Francisco and Houston in the USA. In 2017 he moved to Maersk, the largest container shipping company in the world, and is currently Senior HR Business Partner for Maersk Africa Operations. He also leads various learning leadership, and team engagement interventions. Kurt is a qualified Management coach and works in areas of leadership and career coaching.

SANBS: Ravi Reddy, CEO

Ravi has a wealth of institutional and leadership experience, having worked for blood transfusion services in South Africa for 36 years. Prior to being appointed Chief Executive at SANBS, he served the organisation as Chief Operations Officer for 15 years. He was President of the International Society for Blood Transfusion (ISBT) from 2016 to 2018. He is also a familiar face to the Board of the African Society for Blood Transfusion, having served that organisation for eight years. He is currently a member of the World Health Organisation (WHO) Expert Committee on Biological Standardisation.

Honoris United Universities: Dr Jonathan Louw, Group CEO

Jonathan Louw, MB.ChB, MBA, is the Group CEO of Honoris United Universities, the largest Pan-African Tertiary Education Institution with over 60,000 students. He is a member of the South African National Dept. of Health's Pricing Committee, which regulates the Country's healthcare pricing. Prior to this, Jonathan was the CEO of the South African National Blood Service (SANBS). He was also a Managing Director at one of the largest private equity firms in the Middle East, raising and deploying $1bn in hospitals and diagnostics in global markets. He worked across the business assisting Partner Companies with improving operational, financial, ESG and workforce performance. Prior to this, Dr. Louw worked at Adcock Ingram Holdings Limited (JSE:AIP) and was the CEO from Jan 2003 until May 2014.

PEP: Pat Smith, Talent Management Manager

Pat Smith joined PEP in 2012 as Talent Management Manager. She has a vast amount of human capital experience, with a specialisation in the retail space. After completing her Masters of Science (M.Sc.) specialising in Counselling Psychology, Pat started her career as a Psychologist in Westville Prison. Her corporate experience includes tenures at Old Mutual and Woolworths where she fulfilled leadership roles in People Resourcing and Human Resources. She is skilled in talent management, organisational design, transformational HR, leadership, development and coaching.

Lumenii: Jaintheran Naidoo, Director & Senior Psychologist

Jaintheran Naidoo is the Director of Lumenii South Africa, which provides assessment solutions and consulting with a focus on harnessing talent through technology. He is a registered industrial/organisational psychologist with over 20 years of experience in the IO space, including both the private and public sectors. His areas of passion lie in management/leadership development, training facilitation and talent management strategy. His work has taken him around the world, where he has facilitated HR interventions in countries such as Australia, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Mauritius. Jaintheran has led the Lumenii professional delivery team since 2016 and, together with the team, has successfully implemented numerous large-scale, innovative talent management projects for clients across various industries. A significant number of these have been around transformation to an agile culture and development of leadership capability.


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