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Go Change: Announcing three new Lumenii tools

Go Change: Announcing three new Lumenii tools

Change and development are intrinsically linked. The Go Change Suite of tools help analyse development and promote change management, while stimulating thinking about the future of work:

Learning Agility GO-small Learning Agility GO

Develop agility

Learning Agility GO is an assessment and development module in one, with a focus on empowering employees to manage their own growth. Get started on building a Learning Agility culture in your organisation with objective insights and concrete, personalised tips for improvement. The Learning Agility GO helps employees to track development, set targets and track their impact via the Growth Meter.


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FutureMe Icon FutureMe

Career advice guidance

FutureMe is an integrated career development and guidance solution for ages 15 and up. The report provides an overview of suggested career fields, with direct insight into competencies, motivations and interests. FutureMe gives employees a frame of reference when making a career move. It is ideal for existing employees, as well as graduate and learnership programmes.


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Workshop Go Change Icon Workshop GO Change

Train the trainer

The Go Change workshop is your hands-on solution to managing change and development in your organisation. It is a practical Train the Trainer programme that helps your line managers to support development and ongoing change in the business.


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