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Online Selection Assessments - Keeping Pace with Candidates

Recruiting new employees is one of the most important and costly processes that companies need to go through. The goal is always to hire the most talented individuals – yet there is always a risk of making the wrong selection decision, with all of the associated cost and time implications. With this in mind, it makes sense that 75% of Fortune 500 companies make use of psychometric assessments to help them make more objective selection decisions.

If you’ve been debating whether or not you should integrate selection assessments into your recruiting process, the answer is a definite yes. Selection-focused psychometric assessments are specifically designed to take much of the guesswork out of hiring decisions, and can also save you a great deal of time by screening candidates before the interviews take place.

Consider your Assessment Needs

The way assessments are used in your business need to keep pace with the needs of HR, the needs of line managers and the need of candidates.

Assessments are there to help you make better decisions, but they also need to work for you. This means that they need to easily integrate into your overall HR strategy and selection processes. They need to be simple to administer and they need to capture the most relevant information about a candidate in a reasonable amount of time. Most importantly, they should not add multiple days or even weeks onto the hiring timeline.

Online Assessments are the Future of Recruitment

A well-designed online selection assessment battery is the best way for your business to improve the ROI of your decisions. Online tools can be accessible to candidates in remote locations and can be completed in their own time. Once the test(s) have been completed, the report(s) can be generated immediately.

No More Data Silos

Despite living in the digital age, many HR departments (and entire companies) suffer from data silos. Important information is often scattered across different digital platforms and its full potential is not harnessed. The same issue applies to the use of assessments within organisations. Different tools are used from different providers, paper-and-pencil results are not stored, assessment outcomes are not tracked over time and the insights are not applied to the business.

One of the key ways to overcome this very real issue is to make use of an online, integrated assessment solution. What this means is that all of your assessment tools are accessible on a single platform. Your data is stored in a single location and can be harnessed to provide a range of analytics and insights. An integrated battery of assessments also means that the tools are designed to work synergistically and address the full picture of employee performance within the role.

Integrated Reports

Online assessments and a cloud-based platform are beneficial, but what makes the biggest difference to hiring managers is an integrated selection report – a single decision making tool. The selection tools you use for your business should be able to effectively combine a picture of a candidate’s strengths and development areas into an integrated report. The outcomes should be business-relevant and steer away from complicated jargon. The end result is a decision based not on gut-feel but on objective insights into a candidate’s suitability.

Ultimately, psychometric testing is a best practice solution in modern-day selection. Organisations that are serious about hiring the most talented employees and improving their recruitment ROI should not only make use of assessments, but should select an online, integrated and cloud-based solution in order to make the process work most effectively for them.


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